Demands, demands, demands!! :P


I’ve just got off the phone to my mum. She’s just finished reading A Faery Dream, and she’s joined the chorus for a sequel.  (I’ve had beta-readers ask me if I was thinking of a sequel; interviewers, both those who’ve read the book and those who haven’t, asking the same question. It had been live only a day, and a reader who’d bought and read it in the space of an afternoon, asked me if there was going to be more to the story!)

I wasn’t going to, you know. When I finished A Faery Dream, to the point I was happy with the story and felt it was good enough to submit to publishers, I thought maybe Elfric might be an interesting character to work with again (his role in A Faery Dream is tiny, but he’s a bit of a trouble-maker, for those who haven’t read the story yet), but other than that Melissa and Kellen’s story was finished, as far as I was concerned. It’s clear after all, isn’t it? Melissa… (Oops – nearly gave away the ending!!) Well, lets just say, all’s well that end’s well, and it ended well, so what more could there be? (note: some might see this as a spoiler, and it really isn’t meant to be. Romance stories, after all, are supposed to have either a Happy-Ever-After or a Happy-For-Now ending…)

But it turns out that all these requests for sequels have had my muse working overtime behind the scenes, and last night she wouldn’t let me sleep. Not only did she have ideas for my current WIP, and more ideas for another story I plan to write later in the year, she also gave me 4 pages of notes for A Faery Dream’s sequel.

You’ll still have to be patient. I’m only half way through a 60k word story at the moment, and I need to finish that first. But once that’s done, maybe then I’ll get back to the faery realm, and we can all see what happens to Melissa/Nyssa and Kellen next.


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