An impatient muse…

Photo courtesy Pinterest.

Photo courtesy Pinterest.

I’m trying something a little different with my writing.

As I mentioned in my last post, so many people have asked for a continuation of my novella A Faery Dream that my muse must have been working overtime behind the scenes, because she kept me awake one night so I could write out four pages of storyline for a sequel that I was never intending to write.

In that same post I mentioned that all of those who have requested a sequel would have to wait, because I have a 60,000 word novel to write first…

Well… You may not have to wait quite so long. See, the very next day after I wrote that, my muse gave me the opening scene to what is temporarily called AFD2.  But I couldn’t write just the opening scene, I had other scenes, lined up behind it, waiting to be put to paper (or screen in this case). My problem? I couldn’t put aside my 60k word novel (hereafter called WIP#1) – I’ve done it before, and it’s a painful process trying to get back into a story that has been abandoned in favour of another – so I decided to write them both, at the same time.

My initial plan was to write 2,000 words per day to finish my WIP#1 by the end of the month. When I started my sequel, I had planned to make it about the same length as A Faery Dream, around 16,000 words. So I thought that if i could write 1600 words per day for that, then I could finish it in 10 days.

At that point I was struggling to write 1500 words per day with my 60k WIP. But somehow, over this last week and a bit, I’ve managed both word count goals. I don’t know if having more words to write in less time has helped me focus more, and procrastinate less, but I’ve done it – writing over 3500 words a day for the last week or so. I’ve hit the 16,000 word mark on what is currently called AFD2, and gone well beyond it – hitting the 22k mark yesterday, with more story to come.

And today I’ve reached the 60k mark of WIP#1. It’s not finished, but I’m so close to that finish line that I’m sure I’ll be there in a day or two, I can feel it!

And then I can really focus on AFD2.


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