Want your book personally signed by the author??

My autographing attempt... with a mouse

Yesterday I discovered Authorgraph!! (Ok, so actually, a friend mentioned it to me some time ago, and it got added to the list of things to look at, and I finally got to it yesterday!) 🙂

Authorgraph is a place you can go and request a personalised digital message/autograph from your favourite author – and there are best selling authors such as EL James on the page, alongside lesser known authors like myself! 🙂

And if YOU are an author, it’s easy and free to join.

The message is typed in either a hand-writing or typewriter font, and the autograph itself can be typed in handwriting font, or signed using a mouse (or finger if you’re using a tablet). I had a practice with the mouse yesterday, and lets just say my signature is a little odd looking – okay – a LOT odd looking!! Perhaps it will improve with practice? Hmm… I’m not sure – but if you don’t mind a wonky looking signature click here, or the Authorgraph widget to the right, and I’ll see what I can do! 😀



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