Calisa Rhose Presents ~ Heather Kinnane

Today I’m visiting the blog of fellow author Calisa Rhose!! I’m writing about the surprise of Unexpected Sequels! 😀 Come and check it out! 😀

Pen of The Dreamer


Welcome to the Ranch and visiting my guest and crit partner, Heather Kinnane! I’m locking Heather in the round pen for the day to share insights on sequels so grab a donut and coffee and let’s listen. 🙂

Unexpected Sequels

In August this year I finally celebrated the publication of my first book. It’s an ebook, a short romantic fantasy at just over 16,000 words, titled A Faery Dream.

AFaeryDreamFinalmedA Faery Dream is the story of 30-something year old Melissa, who has always felt different. For months she’s been dreaming of the particularly sexy Kellen, all the while trying to work out whether her struggling relationship with Tom is worth saving. She decides it isn’t, and just as she does so Kellen steps from her dreams into her reality, with secrets of the past, and explanations for why she’s always felt so out of place – her mother was…

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