Progress, Nanowrimo and Friday Night Fiction! :)

So much news! The progress of A Faery Dream 2, National Novel Writing Month, Moving, and Friday Night Fiction!

I have been some-what lax in sharing my news recently – and there is quite a lot of it. A month ago I sent ‘A Faery Dream 2’ (working title) off to my beta readers! The first has arrived back on my desk, though I haven’t had time to open it with a zillion other things happening too! I’ll be back into editing very soon, I promise!

November was hectic – with a very busy month of Nano-ing – and I did manage to achieve 50,000 words, though I had set myself a goal of 75,000 which due to a variety of circumstances I did not reach, and in fact I actually fell behind during Nanowrimo this year – for the first time ever in the 6 years I’ve been participating.

Aside from Nano, we had family visiting from distant places, so it was great to spend the time catching up, and then halfway through the month we decided to move, and two weeks later did! It was not even a vague thought – in fact we were going to renovate the place we were in, but a property came up that was too good to resist. We have a few acres of land now – established orchard and vegie patch with raised garden beds (they’re a little neglected, but it won’t take much to bring them back up to scratch – in fact I’ve already weeded one garden bed and found all sorts of treasures!).  We have a tiny stream, and some bush, and wallabies and possums and an echidna and a bandicoot. We have tiny blue wrens, and robins, and kookaburras and ravens and currawongs. We have ferns, and gum trees, and wattle. It’s just a gorgeous spot. And you know one of the best things about it? There’s a tiny little office, with enough shelving for my writing books. A space to hide away from the noise while I write!! 🙂

The view from my office! :)

The view from my office! 🙂

My final piece of news for November, is that A Faery Dream was included in Wild Colonial Girl’s monthly newsletter ‘Friday Night Fiction’ . Friday Night Fiction is dedicated to sharing debut novels from 2013 (and 2014 when they come out), so if you are a new author be sure to send in your books details! I also want to say a huge thank you to Kirsten for including A Faery Dream, because I didn’t find out about Friday Night Fiction until after the cut off date for the month, so I wasn’t expecting A Faery Dream to be included till the next issue (which isn’t until Feb now), so I was super excited to see it in this one.

I also have other news… in a few days I’m participating in my very first blog hop! The theme is the winter solstice, which doesn’t quite fit in with the gorgeous summer weather we have at the moment here Down Under, but I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve got to say and there will be a giveaway of A Faery Dream to one lucky commenter!!


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