The first rule of Blog Hops…

Eek – I’m a little late today, but I’m here!

Rule one of Blog Hops: Make sure you fully understand the requirements before you sign up!!

In the post-November exhaustion (Nano, Visitors and Moving – and let’s face it, the moving is still happening as we slowly unpack boxes and try to find new homes for our belongings) I thought I understood the rules of the blog hop, but somehow I missed the fact that I should have a post ready every day!! Eek! As I’m without Internet at the new place, daily posts might be difficult… but I’ll do my best!

It does seem, however, that the season has put on a special wintery show, just for the hop! Last night, after finishing the first blog post, my partner arrived home from work to inform me that the weather forecast was for snow to 700m above sea level (we also don’t have television, and though I suspect we could probably get radio, I haven’t actually tried yet, so I’m living in a bit of a news-void at the moment).

We are now living approximately 700m above sea level. He joked that maybe we’d be snowed in this morning, and the kids wouldn’t be able to get to their athletics carnival, which they have both been looking forward to for weeks!

After the hail, the sun did come back out, but it was accompanied by an icy wind, and by 10pm even inside the house there was a cold chill. I was tempted to light the fire, but it seemed a bit daft that late at night, so I filled the hot water bottle instead and went to bed.

But this morning dawned bright, if a little chilly, without a skerrick of snow to be seen. And though I prepared for cold weather for the athletics carnival, I ended up with a very red face after I forgot both my hat and the sunscreen (plus it was a little chilly, so I didn’t realise the extent of my sunburnt face until it was much, much too late…).

Don’t forget that all this week there is a competition running on all of the participating blogs, and here on mine the prize is one ebook copy of A Faery Dream (available in PDF, mobi, and epub versions). To win, just leave me a comment below!  Competition ends 13th Dec, and will be drawn the 14th (I think in a previous post I mentioned it was drawn on the 13th it will actually be the 14th).

A Faery Dream Final 1 MEDIUM (1)

When Kellen steps from Melissa’s dreams into reality she finally learns the truth of her heritage. She’s destined for big things in the land of the fae, but is she willing to accept her fate?

A Faery Dream has received some rave reviews including:

“While faeries are not my favorite Paranormal/magical creatures, this story captured both my imagination and my heart. Books like this have helped me fall in love with the `Land Down Under’. Tasmania is such an enchanting island and the perfect location”  4 stars  on Amazon

“I love the Tasmanian setting. Australia rarely gets a mention unless it is outback so it was lovely and quite plausible to have an otherworld story set in a place that is almost otherworldly.” 3 stars on Steam eReads


If you can’t wait for your chance to win, or just think you’re not that lucky, A Faery Dream is available for purchase at these locations:

Steam eReads:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AUS:

All Romance eBooks:


And don’t forget to check out the other blogs in the Solstice Blog Hop by clicking the link below!! :)



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