The Solstice Blog Hop Continues! :)

Day three of the Winter Solstice Blog Hop!

Well, Post Three at least. Hopefully I will have managed to get back to some sort of Internet range so that this is actually posted on Day 3. There is still hope!

I’ve inadvertently set myself a challenge – to blog every day for a week. I don’t think I’ve ever blogged every day for week, or on the odd occasion I may have written numerous blog posts during a short period, they’ve been posted over a larger space of time.

Today I thought I would deviate a little from the theme. I know it’s the Winter Solstice, but here in Van Diemen’s Land the weather is warm and sunny, and with the sunburn I ended up with yesterday I’m definitely not feeling at all wintery, so today I’m going to talk about the Summer Solstice.

For me, the Summer Solstice is a bittersweet time. Yes – it’s the longest day – and I love how the day stretches into the night, and I know that from now on the weather will only get warmer (though in bushfire prone areas that knowledge also brings fear too) but the Summer Solstice also marks the turning point of the year. From now on, the days will be getting shorter. Winter is on its way.

Which brings me full circle, back to the Solstice I’m supposed to be talking about. Because the opposite is what I love about the Winter Solstice – the shortest day means that from that point the days will get longer: Summer is coming!

Don’t forget that all this week there is a competition running on all of the participating blogs, and here on mine the prize is one ebook copy of A Faery Dream (available in PDF, mobi, and epub versions). To win, just leave me a comment below!  Competition ends 13th Dec, and will be drawn the 14th

A Faery Dream Final 1 MEDIUM (1)

When Kellen steps from Melissa’s dreams into reality she finally learns the truth of her heritage. She’s destined for big things in the land of the fae, but is she willing to accept her fate?

A Faery Dream received a “Recommended Read” from Harlie’s Books who said: “I highly recommend A Faery Dream for the smexiness, setting and overall the story itself.  The dialogue is rich, the story taunt and has characters that you care about and want to see their HEA.”

If you can’t wait for your chance to win, or just think you’re not that lucky, A Faery Dream is available for purchase at these locations:

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And don’t forget to check out the other blogs in the Solstice Blog Hop by clicking the link below!! :)


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