Valentine’s Day Blog Hop


Hello!! Welcome to Day 7  of the Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!

If you’ve missed the previous posts in the hop, check the schedule below for links to see what the other great romance authors have had to say about this holiday!! 🙂

With only 8 days to go till the day, the shops are overflowing with flowers and chocolates and cards, rings and necklaces and bracelets, and numerous other gifts to give to your loved one and show how you feel about them.

But I won’t be getting any of those… well – maybe a rose if I’m lucky!

Valentine’s Day is a quiet event at my house. My partner and I both prefer to take enjoyment out of the simple things, a hug, a kiss, some quiet time to spend together – though he does bring me a flower or two, and I cook him his favourite meal. We aren’t really romantic people, in the usual sense of the word.  

 You may wonder how a non-romantic person could end up writing romance!To be completely honest, writing romance was not my first choice. In fact, romance was a genre that I had never even considered until I joined my wonderful writers group. One of our members had already had one romance novella published, and another accepted for publication, and other members of the group were discussing their own romance stories. I considered writing a romance too, though it wasn’t something I thought I could pull off, and my initial story certainly needed a lot of work to fit the genre.  But the story was sweet, I thought, and I stuck with it, and eventually it became my first piece of published work – a ‘short ‘n’ spicy’ titled ‘A Faery Dream’ – published last year by Steam eReads. That story has drawn so many positive reviews I’ve been compelled to write a sequel, (to read more about how that came about, view this post) and what I expected to be a stand-alone book now has at least a #2 (it’s out with my beta-readers, and I’m already going through the first comments (Thanks Kelly!)). Will there be a third? Hmm… I don’t know about that, but I do have a couple of other romantic fantasy tales in the wings, waiting for their turn to be primped and polished.

Perhaps I do have a streak of romantic in me – after all!

Please leave me a comment below for a chance to win a copy of A Faery Dream:

Growing up without a mother, Melissa has always felt different. Now in her 30s, and plodding along in her failing relationship with Tom, she begins dreaming of Kellen; confident, strong, everything her heart desires. But though these dreams feel more real than reality, Melissa knows it’s fantasy–Kellen’s tribe live in the forest, and he doesn’t call her by her real name, but another: Nyssa. 

When Kellen steps out of her dreams and into her life, she feels that her wishes have come true–especially when he reveals he knows about her mother. Kellen has always known about Nyssa. Like her mother, Kellen is one of the Fae, the man Nyssa would have been joined with had her mother not run off to the mortal realm with a human lover. With strife brewing in the Faery Realm, Kellen visits Nyssa in her dreams, knowing her return will prevent tragedy. Convincing her she has faery blood turns out to be easier than Kellen imagined, especially when Nyssa remembers those awful conversations with her father, about a mother who was ‘different’. But Kellen fails to tell her everything, risking not only their growing relationship, but the peace of all the Faery Folk.

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Date Name
30-Jan Annie Seaton 
1-Feb Tamsin Baker
2-Feb Demelza Carlton
2-Feb Susanne Bellamy
3-Feb Bernadette Rowley
4-Feb Wendy Ross
5-Feb Isabella Hargreaves
6-Feb Heather Kinnane
7-Feb Barbra Novac 
7-Feb  Lisa Knight
8-Feb Ann B Harrison
9-Feb Tarion Keelan
10-Feb HC Brown
11-Feb Kris Ashton
12-Feb Darry Fraser
13-Feb Amy O’Neal
14-Feb Annie Seaton and Prize Draw

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