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IMG_5821 I’d like to thank Isabella Hargreaves for getting me involved in this blog hop! Isabella posted her answers to the following questions last week, and you can find her post here.

And if you’d like to read more authors, Elizabeth M Darcy and Kris Ashton are also blogging about this today! 🙂

1)        What am I working on? I have literally just submitted (on Friday) the sequel to my short ‘A Faery Dream‘ titled ‘A Faery Union’. ‘A Faery Union’ is a full length novel, continuing Nyssa and Kellen’s story in the Faery Realm. As usual after finishing a story, I’m having a moment off to catch up on all the other jobs I’ve neglected around the house, and in this instance, prepare for my wedding, this weekend!! Eek! Once all that’s over, I have a couple of stories to go back to, so it’s a matter of deciding which one! 

2)    How does my work differ from others of its genre? I write a lot of fantasy, which I usually set in the forests and bush land of my local state of Tasmania. Tasmania has some of the oldest untouched wilderness in the world, and I try to bring across some of the beauty of the place into the fantasy settings in my stories.

3)     Why do I write what I do? How can I answer this question? I write what I do because that is what comes to me. Because these are the worlds that I love, the aspects of this world that I love. I wish everyone could see the inherent beauty of a rainforest, of trees – hundreds of years old, covered in moss, of a ground carpeted by rotting leaf litter. It has an awful connotation I suppose – this ‘rotting’ business, but in the forest it is not a stench but a smell that combines with all the other scents to create the crispest clearest air. My words could never do it justice – but being there, in nature – letting your imagination run wild as you see the setting of all those fairy tales we read as children, for a moment you can believe they’re all true.

4)     How does my writing process work? I sit down and write. And sometimes I don’t have anything interesting to write, so I’ll write about my day, or what I wish I was doing, or a stream-of-consciousness of whatever random thoughts are bouncing through my head. If it’s one of those sorts of days then I aim for 1500 words, and once I’ve got them, I stop. But once I have a story idea I sit and write between 1500-2000 words minimum every day, making sure that I’m exploring some aspect of the story every time I sit down and write. Often it only takes a day or two for the words to begin flowing themselves, and I can end up averaging  4000 words on a day like that – and I’ve even managed a 10,000 word day once! Then, once the story has ended it gets put aside for a time, at least a month if possible, while I either work on a different story, or simply procrastinate and catch up on all the other jobs I avoided whilst drowning in my story. After the time is up the story comes out for another read through and edit, and depending on how I feel when I’ve finished that edit I’ll either repeat the process of waiting, or I’ll send it off to my beta readers for their opinion, which inevitably leads to yet another edit, and maybe one or two more before I submit it somewhere.

Next week the blog hop continues with Kelly Matsuura, at Black Wings and White Paper

 Bio: Kelly Matsuura writes Asian literature and fantasy for both teens and adults. She’s the editor and publisher of ‘Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories’ and also blogs at www.insigniaseries.wordpress.com

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