AWWC Review #2 Wraith’s Cry by Aislinn Gilbert



Aislinn Gilbert’s ‘Wraith’s Cry‘ is such a sweet story, and though I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe a supernatural tale like this with a ghost intent on revenge, the romance between the hero and heroine is sweet. Lovers for a brief time in high school, Adriana and Jeff parted ways when Adriana went off to the city to follow her dream and study medicine. Now Adriana has moved back home, qualified and ready to start her new job as one of the town’s doctors. She’s caught up with Jeff again, but their first night together is interrupted by what sounds like a dreadful car crash just outside the property Adriana is house-sitting. Though they search the road and surrounding paddocks there is no sign of any such accident, and they return inside, though the mood is ruined. When Adriana wakes later in the night, a cry leads her to the river, where she feels sure someone is trapped. But as she reaches out to help, Adriana finds herself pulled into the river.

Jeff rescues her and once again they return to the house, Adriana convinced she must have been hallucinating. The next morning, Jeff is gone, and Adriana is sure her hallucinations have driven him away. Meanwhile, Jeff knows what attacked Adriana in the night. Nothing more than his own ex-girlfriend Vanessa, a girl who died at 18 and has had a dangerous obsession with him ever since – haunting and destroying every relationship he’s ever had.

I have to admit, I have read this story before, not long after it was first published by Borough’s last year, but reading it again this week I picked up on little things that just added to the story. Jeff’s reactions to certain occurrences, which Adriana views in one light (not favourable to Jeff I might add), are fully explained when you know how the tale ends, and I love how Gilbert has managed to weave those little hints into her story.

This really is a great short read, highly recommended to anyone who loves a romance with a bit of a ghostly tale! 🙂


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