A Sequel! A Faery Union out in June

I just realised that I haven’t shared my most recent exciting news with any of you wonderful people! :O

I’m not sure how I missed it – I got facebook and twitter, and even google+, but I forgot my own blog. Definitely a sign I need more sleep lol.

Anyway, as the title read – A Faery Union has been contracted and is due for publication in June! Yay!! 🙂

A Faery Union is the novel-length sequel to A Faery Dream (also available on Amazon). A Faery Union is set in the realm of Faery, whose portal is accessible only via a portal somewhere in the Tasmanian Wilderness, and continues the story of Kellen and Nyssa as they head towards marriage and ruling Faery together. Of course there are obstacles in their way, in the form of two people, one of whom they least expect!

I’ll keep posting updates as the time draws nearer, so keep your eye out! 🙂

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