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A Faery Union – published by Steam eReads

A Faery Union is a full length novel, around 53,000 words. The story continues Nyssa and Kellen’s tale as they set out to become joined, and rule Faery together. Of course there are obstacles in the way, with two other characters in particular who aren’t happy about the union and seek a way to stop it from happening. One of them is someone they least expect!

Available from June 2014!


Available Now!

A Faery Dream – published by Steam eReads

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A Faery Dream Final 1 MEDIUM (1)

Melissa has always felt different, and now that Kellen has stepped out of her dreams and into reality she knows why. But if having the blood of the Fae flowing through her veins was a shock, there is a much bigger one waiting for her when she returns to the Faery Realm, as she learns information that has her questioning Kellen’s true motives.

A Faery Dream has received some rave reviews already!

(to see the Amazon reviews in full click here)

“… this story captured both my imagination and my heart…” 4 stars

“…this one is going on my favourites list…” 5 stars

“Loved the story, loved the idea, but wanted more more more!” 4 stars

Reviewing Vixen‘s recommend A Faery Dream saying:

“Overall, a great short read of a fantastical realm of what ifs. Pretty interesting character developments, great little interactions and, I have to say, I love Kellen’s sister and her hate on for anything human. Gotta love a little strife going on to keep the pressure going for the hero.” 3/5 kisses

Harlie of Harlie’s Books has given A Faery Dream a ‘Recommended Read’ badge! Yay! 🙂 And in amongst all the wonderful comments she she had this to say:

“I highly recommend A Faery Dream for the smexiness, setting and overall the story itself. The dialogue is rich, the story taunt and has characters that you care about and want to see their HEA.”

A Faery Dream is now listed on Goodreads!

And check out the trailer… 🙂


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