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Author Bio: 

Heather Kinnane  is an author of fantasy and romance living in the island state of Tasmania, Australia. A bit of a hippy at heart, Heather has long had a love affair with the wild places of the world; the forests and woodlands, rivers and lakes, all those places virtually untouched by human hands – though she does feel that a rickety old wooden hut adds to the atmosphere, somewhat better than a nylon tent! ;)

With a fascination with all things magical and mysterious, and a love of writing and reading that stretches as far back into her childhood as she can remember, it’s inevitable that all of Heather’s stories contain a little bit of the Otherworld, as she weaves tales that share not only the magic present in the world, but also introduces readers to the amazing and incredible landscapes to be found around her island home.

Heather’s debut novella, “A Faery Dream” is available now!

Heather’s Publications

A Faery Dream

A Faery Dream Final 1 MEDIUM (1)

Melissa has always felt different, and now that Kellen has stepped out of her dreams and into reality she knows why.  But if having the blood of the Fae flowing through her veins was a shock, there is a much bigger one waiting for her when she returns to the Faery Realm, as she learns information that has her questioning Kellen’s true motives.

Published by Steam eReads, August 2013

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

ISBN: 9780987598240

Book Trailer


“I highly recommend A Faery Dream for the smexiness, setting and overall the story itself. The dialogue is rich, the story taunt and has characters that you care about and want to see their HEA.” – Harlie, from Harlie’s Books:

“I was hooked from the first word…” – Jan – Review on SteameReads

“I love the Tasmanian setting. Australia rarely gets a mention unless it is outback so it was lovely and quite plausible to have an otherworld story set in a place that is almost otherworldly…” – Barbarina – Review on Amazon

“…this story captured both my imagination and my heart…” – Liberty Ann – Review on Amazon

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